Word Password Unlocker v4.0

برنامج استعادة كلمة المرور في برنامج وورد مايكروسوفت ورد Microsoft Office Word
اذا كان لديك ملف Microsoft Office Word وتم حمايته بكلمة مرور اما من قبلك او من قبل غيرك ولم تستطيع تذكر كلمة المرور عليك ببرنامج Word Password Unlocker هو الحل الحقيقي والفعلي لإسترجاع الباسورد الحقيقي للملف بشكل سريع وسهل
يدعم تقريبا كل اصدارات اوفس وورد منها 97 Microsoft Office Word 2007 وغيرها خذ نسختك الان من جي سوفت فقط عالم البرامج الحقيقي

Word Password Unlocker 3.0 is a simple tool for the easiest solution to Word password recovery. It recovers/removes the "Password to Open" and "Password to Edit" for you to view and edit the documnent freely. This password recovery tool functions powerfully with the dynamic attack modes, brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack. It is the easiest to manipulate as well, even a new user can fully control it to recover the lost password in less than a minute.
* Easiest to use with user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions
* Support wide range of Word versions from 97 to 2007
* Powerful in functions: it can recover passwords of any length and complexity
* Recover the "Password to open" and remove both the "Password to open" and "Password to edit"
* Three attack modes are available for the password recovery
* No need to import the file into the program but to give it a full path will be OK
* Customizable with a dictionary file user can define
* Users are able to offer password clues to the program to reduce search scale and save time
* Allowed to set the computer CPU priority
* Allowed to auto-save every a period of time
* Support to resume the uncompleted processing project
* Allowed to shutdown computer after the recovery succeeds

SIZE : 3.0 MB

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